9 Best-paying careers in Hotel Management

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Have you ever been wondering about which jobs in Hotel Management have the highest paying rate? Good news! We have 9 Best paying careers in Hotel Management on our lists. So, Let’s begin with….

1.Director of House Keeping

The responsibility of the director of Housekeeping is to know the hotel that they’re working well, taking care of the cleanliness of accommodation, and lastly managing the department budget

According to neuvoo.com, the director of housekeeping makes around $45,474 per year

2.Food and Beverage Manager

The responsibility of Food and beverage manager is testing and making sure of the quality of meals as well as taking care of serving food and beverage service.

According to payscale.com, they make around $34,834 per year.

3.Meeting/ Event Manager

The responsibility of Meeting/Event Manager is to coordinate and organize an event plan such as a meeting, charity, sale meeting, and board meeting.

According to payscale.com, they make around $38,187 per year.

4.Restaurant General Manager

The responsibility of the restaurant general manager is to maintain the financial records of the restaurants.

According to payscale.com, they make $31,804 per month.  records of the restaurants.

5.Executive Chef

The responsibility of the executive chef is creating new menu items, training new chefs

as well as critique food and beverage. They make around $67,632 per year.

6.Executive pastry chef

The responsibility of executive pastry chef is in charge of all of the culinary-related and coordinated with the head chef.

They make around $65,623 per year.

7.Casino Host Manager

The responsibility of the casino host manager is to make sure they created a well first impression with guests.

They make around $55,044 per year.

8.Flight Attendant

The responsibility of the flight attendant is to make sure of the passengers’ safety and serve food

and beverage to the passengers as well as answer all the passenger’s inquiries.

They make around $50,500 per year,


Sommelier is someone who tests a wine taste for hotels and restaurants.

And consult which wine is great for some certain event. They make around $56,551 per year.

There are all 9 careers in hotel management that you can pursue shortly. I hope you enjoy reading this!

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