The easy phrase in Swiss official languages

In case some of you want to make a good first impression with locals. Today, Educatepark would like to recommend you guys some easy phrases in Swiss languages.

Informal Greetings in Swiss German
Grüetzi Grew-tzee Hi (to one person)
Gruetzi mittenand Grew-tzee Mit-ein-an-der Hi (to more two than people)
Formal Greetings in Swiss German
Gueten Morgen! Goe-eh-ten Good Morning!
Guetä Tag! Goe-eh-ta togg Good Afternoon!
Gueten Abig Gueten Abig Good Evening!
Greetings in France (West Switzerland)
Bonjour bon-zur Hello! (both used in informal and formal)
Salut Sah-loe Hi!
Salut tout le monde! Sa-lyoo too luh mohnd Hello Everybody!
Bonsoir bon swa Good Evening!
Greetings in Italian (South Switzerland)
ciao chow  Hi! (Can be used as Goodbye depends on the context of the conversation)
salve sahl-veh Hello! (Can be used as Goodbye depends on the context of the conversation)
buongiorno bwohn djor-noh Good Morning!
buon pomeriggio bwohn poh-meh-rie-djoh Good Afternoon!
buonasera bwoh-nah seh-rah. Good Evening!
Greeting in Roman
allegra ah-leg-ruh Hello
ciao chew
tgau gow
Bun di boen die Good Morning
Buna saira boen-a serra Good Afternoon/Good Evening!
Some useful phrases in Swiss German
An Guete An-goit-eh Bon Appetite!
Adieu. Schönes Wochenende Ad-deh. Sshueh-ness Wo-cken-end-eh  Bye Bye! Have a nice weekend!
Auf Wiederhoren Aouf Vee-der-hor-en or Oof Weidehöra See you later!

How is this?? this is the only example of how to greet people in Switzerland! I hope you guys try this with the locals

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