What’s the difference between hotel management and hospitality?

What’s the hotel management? For those people who are confused and curious about the difference between hotel management and hospitality. Well, let’s found out today, shall we? Let’s begin with hotel management which is the most popular major among students who want to pursue their careers in the tourism industry. After the influence of a 10.4% increase in the tourism industry and hotel business of global GPD.

What’s the hotel management and hospitality?

The Diploma in Hotel Management and Hospitality is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge of hospitality and hotel management.

The example of the hotel management industries.

  • Hotel and resort
  • Leisure industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Tourism industry
  • Event managing

Hotel Management focusing on management techniques that can be applied in hotel management, marketing, housekeeping, catering, system maintenance, etc. This is different than the hospitality industry because hotel management only focuses on the hotel and business industry.

What is the difference between hotel management and hospitality?

Although the two of them are sorely based on the tourism industry, there are a lot of differences between them which will be indicated in the table below.

Hotel Management Hospitality
Operation Only focusing on managing the hotel industry. There is a wide variety of careers that can be pursued in other industries such as food, beverage, and tourism.
Position The position is only limited in the areas which are related to the hotel management such as the hotel manager or maid, etc. There are a lot of job positions in this area to pursue such as a casino manager, event manager, and resort manager, etc.
Compensation The compensation will increase due to working experience and higher position only. The better service guest, the more money they will make.


There are many career choices for people who want to study in the hospitality services which means there are various careers available in large industries with more career opportunities. Here is the following career list indicates what you can pursue after graduating in the hospitality field.

  • Hotel Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Executive Chef


What career can you pursue after graduating hotel management field?

Statista.com predicted that the global hotel industry would generate $ 550 billion in 2016. Thanks to the rapid growth in the tourism industry as well as the hotel management career position that is also on the rise. The following career list will show you the career paths you can pursue after graduating from hotel management.

  • Executive Club Manager
  • Executive Hotel and Restaurant Manager
  • Executive Hospital Manager
  • Executive/Director Airline Service Manager
  • Director of Hotel Management School
  • Director of Hotel and Tourism Industry

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