5 hospitality careers a bachelor’s degree students can pursue after graduating

Many people might be wondering about “what I’m going to do after graduation?” Today we have a guideline that will help you reduce stress for a little bit. We have a choice of hospitality careers for you!

Before we’ll look at the tables. Please remember one thing. Since each career has different criteria and requirements, you can read further info about what you want to do. Some companies might use a few different requirements. These tables are only the guideline for helping you choose what to do after you graduated.

Careers Duties Salaries per year (USD)
Restaurant and Bar Manager Taking care of all of the documentary papers and the restaurants as well as all of the schedule. 45,000
Event Manager Researching and providing the location of feature events and coordinating during the event. 43,000
Hotel Manager Managing almost everything including hiring people in the reception. 37,000
Receptionist Welcoming guests and taking customers’ complaints as well as checking the customers in and out. 27,000
Tour manager Organizing and planning customer’s travel according to the budget. 34,000

Restaurant Manager - hospitality careers

Event Manager - hospitality careers

Remarks: 1 USD = 28.67 THB updated on 7.01.2021 at 09.35 AM.

Hey!!! That’s not the end of our content today. We have other two tables which are all about hospitality careers with high paid salaries! Again, these are only the guideline.

6 hospitality careers at the Manager level

Careers Duties Salaries per year (USD)
Head Chef Inventing the new menus, criticizing food, and taking care of drinks 67,632
Chief Pastry Chef Working with the head chef and taking care of all pastry department 65,623
Casino Head Host Establishing relationships such clients or guests that come to play 55,044
Event Manager

Coordinating various events such as charity events

Catering Manager Testing food quality and supervising served food 34,834
Restaurant Manager Managing and taking care of restaurant income 31,804

Remarks: 1 USD = 28.67 THB updated on 7.01.2021 at 09.35 AM

Next, is the table about director level. This level is called the high-paid salary jobs.

5 careers in director level

Careers Duties Salaries per year (USD)
Sales Director Looking after the company’s financial and marketing department 123,306
Cleaning Director Supervising employees about cleaning 45,433
Food and Beverages Director Controlling and managing all things about food and drinks 64,007
Human Resources Director Managing all things about recruiting and resigning 98,274
Vice President of Business Development Developing business and marketing strategies 165,072

Salary details from www.glassdoor.com

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So, this is the end of our content about job suggestions. Hope this helps you reduce your thought about finding a new job. We are grateful to be your assistant, thank you.

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