Hotel Chains Ranking: Top 20 of the best hotel chains with brand values

You might have heard these names such as Hilton, Marriot, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Intercontinental, right? Today, we’re going to let you know about Hotel Chains Ranking. They are the best in this world! Also, we have a short history of some of them for you too! Where they from? And how much are their brand values? You can read it here. This might be a guideline for you to plan for your career path. Knowing today is better! Let’s go.

hotel chains ranking

Rankings Names Countries Estimated brand values
(in million U.S. dollars)
2020 2019
No. 1 (=) 1 Hilton United States 10,833
No. 2 (=) 2 Marriott United States 6,028
No. 3 (+1) 4 Hyatt United States 4,532
No. 4 (-1) 3 Holiday Inn United States 4,496
No. 5 (=) 5 Hampton Inn United States 3,871
No. 6 (=) 6 Shangri-La Hong Kong 2,468
No. 7 (=) 7 Double Tree United States 2,399
No. 8 (+3) 11 Mercure France 2,333
No. 9 (=) 9 Wyndham United States 1,879
No. 10 (-2) 8 Courtyard United States 1,768
No. 11 (+1) 12 Intercontinental United Kingdom *No data*
No. 12 (+1) 13 Crowne Plaza United Kingdom *
No. 13 (+1) 14 Sheraton United States *
No. 14 (-4) 10 Ramada United States *
No. 15 (+3) 18 Premier Inn United Kingdom *
No. 16 La Quinta United States *
No. 17 (+2) 19 Embassy Suites United States *
No. 18 (+10) 28 Ibis France *
No. 19 (+6) 25 Homewood Suites United States *
No. 20 (-5) 15 Crown Australia *

History of the famous hotel chains




Hilton is formerly known as Hilton Hotels. It was established by Conrad Hilton. Currently, there are many branches of this hotel brand. From data of 2019, there were 584 branches with 216,379 hotel rooms from 94 countries around the world. This hotel chain is the biggest hotel in the world. The first Hilton hotel is located in Dallas, Texas, USA by using the name called “Dallas Hilton.”

Hampton Inn - hotel chains ranking

Hampton Inn

Actually, Hampton Inn is an old name, but people still call it by this name. Currently, this hotel has changed the new name to Hampton by Hilton. The price rates are normally in the medium rate. Also, Hampton Inn is the biggest hotel franchise in the USA. There are 266,933 rooms from 30 countries. In addition, there are 2,544 hotel franchises around the world. This hotel was founded in 1984 in Memphis, Tennessee, the United States of America by the group called “Promus Hotel Corporation.”




Marriot has a headquarter in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. This brand has hotel branches around the world. From the statistic of 202, the data said there were 205,053 from 582 hotels. Marriot was founded in 1957 in Washington DC. The founder is J. Willard Marriott. This brand has founded 64 years ago.

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