Interesting facts about Lausanne – The 4th biggest city of Switzerland

Today, we’re going to present about the beautiful city in Switzerland – Lausanne. If you want to know what’s interesting about this city, let’s scroll down the page with us. You will love this city for sure. Let’s go!



Before we go further, let’s start with the basic facts of Lausanne. It is the biggest capital in Vaud of Romandy, Switzerland. It also has the land near Geneva with only 62 kilometers

Lausanne has a reputation for the city that have held Olympics since 1994. There are 28 train stations in this city. It is the smallest city in the world that has one of the fastest public transportation systems.

Next, this city is surrounded by Lake Geneva. If you come to this city, you will see the beautiful view of Swiss Alps. In addition, this city is built on the southern slope. So, they have the ancient river called Flon. It was discovered since the 19th century.

On the average, Lausanne has raining day about 119.7 days per year. May is the month that rain will rain heavily. The driest month is around February.

Source: Lausanne – Wikipedia

More Facts!

  • Lausanne was used to be a Roman military camp called Lausanna
  • People mostly talk in French, German, and Italian respectively.
  • They have a small population number. It can compare to the 4*4-kilometer square.
  • People also call Lausanne as the San Francisco of Switzerland. Because the city has a reputation for the convenient train routes.
  • It has the biggest theater in the country, Théâtre de Beaulieu.
  • It also has another name which is Olympic Capital.

Beautiful attractions in Lausanne

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Olympic Museum

Olympic Museum - Lausanne

Photo by [Ank Kumar]

Château d’Ouchy and Promenade

Château d'Ouchy

Image by [Sandro Senn]

Hermitage Foundation

Hermitage Foundation

Image by [Thomas Guignard]

Escaliers du Marche

Escaliers du Marche

Photo by [Gzzz]

Sauvabelin Tower

Sauvabelin Tower

Photo by [Gzzz]

Musee des Beaux Arts

Musee des Beaux Arts

Photo by [Christophe95]

Flon Quarter

Le Flon Lausanne

Image by [Zacharie Grossen]

How to go to Lausanne

From Thailand

You can buy a ticket to Switzerland, and the price is around 15,000 – 20,000 THB


From Zurich

Catch a train at Zurich HB Main Station. Traveling time is around 2 hours and a half.

From Bern

Get on a train at Genève-Aéroport. You will spend 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to Lausanne.

From Lucerne

You can get on a train at Olten. This journey will take 2 hours and a half.

From Interlaken

By train at Interlaken OST. It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach at Lausanne.

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