Lucerne – A city in Switzerland

Today, we’re going to introduce a city called “Lucerne”. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland! You might wonder why do I have to know, right? This question might pop up in your mind. We’re here to tell you why you have to know this city!
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It is the city that is located in the center of Switzerland, and most of the population speaks German. There are approximately 82,000 people in the city. Lucerne is well known for being one of the cities that most people love. Also, it has the reputation for being the economic dock of Switzerland. The weather is also VERY GOOD.

And if you have a chance to visit Lucerne, don’t forget to visit Chapel Bridge.

The bridge itself has a long story. It is a wooden bridge and was built in 1333. It was one of the oldest bridges in Europe.
Actually, Lucerne is a capital of its own and also has its own canton. This city is 436 meters above sea level. Lake Lucerne is located in this city and is well known as the heart of Switzerland. Lucerne has a monument called the “Lion Monument” which was built for the people who sacrificed their lives during the French Revolution.
Lion Monument

Beautiful attractions of Lucerne

Chapel Bridge - Lucerne

Lion Monument - Lucerne

Swiss Museum of Transports

Image by [Johnw]

Spreuer Bridge

Photo by [Delsener]

Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre

Image by [Paolo]

Hofkirche St. Leodegar

Museggmauer - Lucerne

Mount Pilatus

Photo by [Liridon]

How to go to Lucerne

For those who would like to visit Lucerne/Luzern for the purposes like traveling or seeing some places in this city, you could use the following guidelines:

  • From Thailand

You can go to Lucerne by airplane at BKK Airport. They have flights that directly fly to Switzerland. There are many airlines that provide that option. You can choose which cities you would like to disembark which are Bern or Zurich. The average time for the flight is 1 hour and 27 minutes.

  • From Bern to Lucerne

You can catch a train at Bern’s train station, Platform 2A-D. Trains stop at Lucerne/Luzern on Platform 5. The price is 17.50 CHF.

  • From Zurich to Lucerne

You can catch a train at Zürich Flughafen, Platform 3. The ticket price is 15 CHF. It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to stop at Platform 5.

That’s not all we have!

And one of the city’s interesting things is the famous hotel schools. For those who are interested in studying abroad in Switzerland, this is a very good chance. In addition, we have something to suggest you about the institutes that are located in Lucene. There are IMI, BHMS. If you are looking for more info, please contact us. We can guarantee that the views of the city will never disappoint you during the time you are pursuing your degree in Lucerne.

So, let me sum up what you just read about Lucerne!

  • Lucerne is the economic dock of Switzerland.

  • Lucerne is located in the center of Switzerland.

  • The city of hotel schools (IMI, BHMS).

  • There are many beautiful attractions.

We hope this post is helpful for everybody. If you need more info about courses and programmes in Switzerland. We are so glad to be your assistant.

Thank you for today.

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