Part-time jobs for International Students in Switzerland.

For those who are looking for part time jobs in Swiss please know that you are legally allowed to work a part-time job for 15 hours per weeks only ( 2 hours per day) during a semester and can work full time during the vacation but the international students who are not from EU must study for 6 months period until you can legally work as part-time and international students need a work permit in order to work a part-time job as well.

You can look for a part-time job in a local newspaper, job magazine or job finder website such as

These are some part-time jobs you can do in Switzerland

1.Social media assistant 

There are many companies hiring students to create or make new content for their companies’ social media accounts. In order to work as a social media assistant, you only need to be a creative mind with skillful writing skills.

2.Call Center Agent 

If you want to be a call center agent, you only need strong phone and verbal communication skills as well as the ability to solve problems. Also, if you can speak more than one language the opportunities for you to get this job are super high.


This babysitter job suits those people who don’t flexible schedule, you can in hours you’d like, and the pay is decent as well. Even though this job seems so easy, you need to be responsible because you need to take care and look after someone else’s kids.

4. Freelance

Working as a freelancer, you get the choice to choose which of jobs suits you the most which can be creating artcrafts or selling things online.

5. Campus tour guide

This is an effortless way for those students who are looking for jobs on your campus, just know a brief history about your campus and then done!

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