Student tickets – low price airplane tickets with many good options

If you ask, “Why are student tickets better than normal tickets?”. Today, we have a conclusion about this question for you in short!

First of all, you will get the lower price, Next, you will get free 10 kilograms for your luggage weights. Then, you will get free pass for changing the departure date. Lastly, one ticket can stay longer for 6 to 12 months!

You can book a ticket by yourself. For more details click the link:

Example prices:

cheapest ticket student tickets

The cheapest price


fastest ticket student tickets

The fastest ticket


The best price

The best price

You could also book with Lufthansa. There are two prices. Click Here

Economy Class 990 USD

Premium Economy 1,164 USD

Lufthansa Student tickets

Details for a normal price ticket: Airplane ticket price from Thailand to Switzerland

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