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“How can I prepare myself for studying in Switzerland?” You might have this question about study applying in Switzerland, right? Today, for everybody who has wondered how to apply to university in Switzerland we have a sample process for you. Read it and don’t forget to get yourself prepared before you’re going to land in your dream country.

Processes for a study applying in Switzerland

  1. Find information about the course you want to pursue.
  2. Choose a hospitality school that suits you the most.
  3. Prepare to fill the application paper. The full details will appear on institutes’ websites.
  4. Check requirements that the institute has required for the particular courses.
  5. Fill online application form on the institutes’ websites
  6. Pay the fees.
  7. Upload copies that your institute required you to upload for them.
  8. Wait for the acceptance letter.
  9. Get visa.

Study applying in Switzerland - study abroad

What you need to prepare

  • For international students, you need to have the ability to use foreign languages, for instance, English, German, French, Italian. But most of the institutes in Switzerland have programs that are designed to be taught in English. Let’s see what else do we need to prove that we can study in institutes in Switzerland.
    • For Italian learners, you should use the DSH, TestDaF, OSD, telc test scores.
    • French learners, you can use the score of DELF or DALF.
    • English as a second language learner, you can use IELTS, TOEFL.

TOEFL - Study applying in Switzerland What is TOEFL?

It is the standardized test that use to test the English proficiency of the learners who want to pursue their dreams in universities or colleges. This test is approved by many worldwide institutes. Also, it is one of the biggest standardized tests along with IELTS. TOEFL Score Source: Test of English as a Foreign Language – Wikipedia Study applying in Switzerland - IELTS What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for The International English Language Testing System. It spells like this: Open the dictionary

It is the test that is designed to test the learners who are not English native speakers. This test has been approved by many companies and institutes worldwide. It was established by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English in 1989. Also, IELTS has been one of the tests that many educational institutes in Australia, England, Canada, European Countries, Irish, New Zealand, and over 3,000 institutes in America and famous companies around the world approved to use as one thing to decide who will have better language skills.

Band Scores

UK Band Score Meanings
Band 9 Expert user
Band 8 Very good user
Band 7 Good user
Band 6 Competent user
Band 5 Modest user
Band 4 Limited user
Band 3 Extremely limited user
Band 2 Intermittent user
Band 1 Non-user
Band 0 Did not attempt the test

*The conditions might be different since it is depended on where you would like to apply.*

  • Important documents institutes might need:

    • Application form
    • 2 passport photos
    • Applicant identity documents
    • Graduation certificate that approved from the schools
    • Degree certificate
    • Standardized test approved sheets (German/ French/ English)
    • CV
    • Payment document
    • Letter of statement

*Please send the documents that the institute requires*  

Study applying in Switzerland IMI BHMS HTMi

“Oh so many to prepare. I can’t do it myself!”

Don’t worry. We also have a consulting service for everyone from the beginning till ending processes. You don’t have to worry about the documents for sure. You can be assured that you will get in and study in famous schools in Switzerland.

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