Reasons why we should study hotel management in Switzerland

Many people might wonder why we have to study hotel management in Switzerland, right? Can I study in other countries? Are they the same? Today we’re going to tell you reasons why we should choose Switzerland as a country for pursuing your degree in Hotels. If you’re ready, then let’s read and think before making a decision. 1 2 3 Go.
study hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to hotels

This is the first reason why you should choose Switzerland as a place to study hotel management in Switzerland. As in the past, many actors, billionaires chose to stay in hotels in Switzerland. And in the present, if you want to study here, you might see your favorite actors or actresses HERE! And you might say this is not a page for entertaining!  This is the page for study information!

So, let’s go back to the main point! The reason why Switzerland is home to hotels is that in the 19th century. There was the growth of tourism. People chose to stay at hotels. So, hotels were like a symbol of that era. Not only the hotels but also the roads had been developed too! When people could meet easier than they ever did, and of course, they wanted to spend a night together. Then what would happen next? Yes, hotels were the medium between them.

In order to make people and hotels be efficient to serve the needs of customers who come to stay in hotels. Sure thing, we need to have programs and training period. So, there were hotel schools that established in Switzerland in the early era. Their reputation for hotels is LEGEND. They have many programs that are designed to support students who want to work in the hotel management field. The programs are made to support both Swiss students and international students. If you graduated, you can be sure that you’re well trained for the real world of working!

High-quality programs

This is one of the important reasons because, in order to have effective learning, programs need to be well designed. In Switzerland, many schools have quality courses for learners including bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The examples of the institutes that we recommend BHMS, IMI และ HTMi.

Let’s start with BHMS. There are many courses that made to support both business and hotel fields. You can be sure that you will have a wide range of knowledge in hotel management along with business management. In addition, this institute also has a shorter study period than other schools

The next institute is IMI. They guarantee that the students who graduated from here will have jobs. Not just about the high-quality courses that they have, IMI also pay attention to the environment too!

And the last institute we have to mention is HTMi. This school is one of the popular hotel institutes in Switzerland. They have programs that are made to support both hotel and tourism management. Their vision is to make a student be a manager. Also, they have a wide company chain too!

If you’re interested in one of these, go to the programs page in the menu tabs.

Switzerland has many spectacular attractions for tourists

So, here’s the last reason that will make your heart shaking! For those who have traveling as a hobby, this is will make you keep Switzerland on the list! Swiss Alps is magnificent, and other places in this country are also breathtaking. When we’re studying hard, we need time to relax, right? This country is the best place for you to remove your stress. For more info click here.

We also have a ranking of countries that have the best quality of life! Switzerland was ranked in 7th place among all 20 countries. The score was so high that they reached 93 points.

Rankings Countries Stability scores
1 Australia 92
2 Spain 67
3 Macao 86
4 Malta 82
5 Hong Kong 66
6 Luxembourg 94
7 Switzerland 93
8 New Zealand 94
9 Singapore 85
10 San Marino 82
11 United States 74
12 Portugal 83
13 Germany 83
14 Norway 89
15 Canada 87
16 Japan 87
17 Austria 82
18 Sweden 86
19 France 71
20 Bermuda 88

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