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Recommended scholarships in Switzerland

Today, we have something good for everyone who is interested in Switzerland scholarships. What are the requirements for each scholarship? Do we need more details? Let’s go

Switzerland Scholarships

Swiss Government Scholarship

Normally, this kind of scholarship is given from the public institutes and Swiss Government to students from all around the world. So, the condition is that you need to study in the institute you choose to receive the scholarship.

Scholarships of  University of St. Gallen University of St Gallen - Switzerland Scholarships

This scholarship is for students who wanted to study for a bachelor’s degree. They will give you 18,756 CHF for 3 years of the academic year.

Applicant requirements:

  1. An international student who has a good grade.
  2. Pass the test from the institute.
  3. Send all documents before the dateline.

Applying Processes:

  1. Send 600 words letter of the statement.
  2. Send an introduction clip.
  3. Have creativity in the clip.

ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarship for international studentsETH Zurich - Switzerland Scholarships

This scholarship is covered living expenses (such as food) and tuition fees. They will give you 12,000 CHF.


  1. An international student who wants to pursue a master’s degree.
  2. Have an excellent grade.
  3. Give a call number that can be reached in the CV.

How to apply:

  1. Send application form.
  2. Write 1 – 2 pages of letter of the statement.
  3. Write a proposal paper for a master’s degree.
  4. Attach work experiences or CV.
  5. Attach student’s advisor letter.
  6. Send copies online.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists Swiss Government

This is for students who graduated with a master’s degree and want to pursue another degree in Ph.D. They openly welcome applicants from over 180 countries. Requirements for the applicants:

  1. A person who wants to achieve a doctorate degree.
  2. Have a certificate for a master’s degree.
  3. Need to complete a master’s degree before applying for this scholarship.
  4. Born before 31 December 1983.


  1. Send application info via your embassy email.
  2. Attach a copy of the signed application form along with photos.
  3. Attach CV that has a publication of your research and other awards that related to academic competition.

Switzerland Scholarships: Master’s Degree

Alfred Werner Alfred Werner FundFor students who have excellent academic grades and want to study in Switzerland, this fund is for you. This fund will cover all your tuition fees. In addition, students who want this fund should have an interest in studying in Science Faculty for a master’s degree. *For more details, please visit the original website*

Master’s degree scholarship: Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts -  Switzerland Scholarships

This is for those who register for a master’s degree. Students who are considered to receive the scholarship need to be graduated students with bachelor’s degrees and need to have an excellent grade.

Supporting funds


This fund will give you 2,500 USD. So, you can use it to pay the tuition fees and other expenses such as textbook costs, accommodation rents. Chosen people need to come for studying abroad. You should have a good manner, no criminal records or violent records.

We have websites for you to find more scholarships:

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  3. Studentscholarships.org

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