Get to know Switzerland before studying

Good day everybody!  Today we’re going to introduce Switzerland to you all. Let’s see how interesting this country is!

สวิตเซอร์แลนด์ - เรียนการโรงแรมที่สวิตเซอร์แลนด์

General Facts:

  • The official name is Swiss Confederation
  • It is a landlocked country. The location is in the west of Europe. It has a border with Germany, France, Italy, Austria, and Lichtenstein.
  • The capital city is Bern.
  • The biggest city is  Zurich.
  • Official languages: French, German, Italian, and Romance
  • Population: 8.5 million
  • International students: 24,160 people
  • Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF)

So, today we’re going to tell you about Switzerland in more depth before you’ll go to this beautiful country for studying.

  1. Switzerland is a small country with approximately 8 million people. It is a stable country and is one of the countries that have economic power.
  2. They also have a reputation for education, This country received many Nobel prizes in Physics, Chemistry, and Physical Science.
  3. There are many famous hospitality schools here that have high quality. It is being called the home to hotels. The courses and programs are verified for high standards. For someone who might want to study hotel management, Switzerland can be one of the choices.
  4. There many beautiful attractions for tourists.

Weathers (°C)

  • Spring (March-May) 6-13
  • Summer (June-August) 18-28
  • Falls (September-November) 7-13
  • Winter (December – February) -2 – 7

People in Switzerland

Many people might wonder “how about people in Switzerland?” At first, if you get to know Swiss people, they might act cold toward you. But, everything needs time, so getting to know people too. When you know Swiss for a while, they will be more opened and friendly. This is one of the countries that people are friendly.


In 2018, most of the Swiss are Christians (63.9%) which can be separated into 3 kinds; Roman Catholic (35.2%), Revolution Swiss (23.1%), and others (5.6%). The second is Islamic (5.3%). The rest are Jewish (0.2%), irreligious (28.0%), others (1.3%), and no data (1.4%).


For the security issue, this is where you will not be stressed about your kid’s safety. Because Switzerland is one of the countries that have a high rate of safety. The crime is also very low. For the night wanderer, you can be more confident to go out at night.

Nature of Switzerland

Switzerland has a reputation for its Swiss Alps. There are many natural attractions that are so breathtaking! If you have a chance to study here, this is a landmark for you to not miss. We are so sure that you will fall in love with the beauty of nature. So, for some travel-lovers who want to study here, you can take a photo and keep it for your friends!

Tips for living in Switzerland

Firstly, you need to exchange the money currency. Living in European country can be a little busy if you forget to exchange the money their currency.

Prepare a lot of money for food and travel expenses because here, in Switzerland everything seems a little bit pricey. So, if you can find a roommates, it might reduce your money pocket, and you can go to shopping if you wanted too.

Switzerland is a land of diverse languages. Here, they use French, Italian, German, and Romance for communicating. It could be a well self prepared if you learn some basic dialogues of these languages. Remember one thing, language is a chance.

Swiss are so punctual. So, if you have a meeting with them, be on time.

Everthing closes on Sunday. Before you get yourself relaxed after a long week of study, be sure that you buy the stuff you want before Sunday. Some convenient stores are closed on Sunday.

They have a super convenient public transpoartation system. You can go anywhere with buses or trains

Thirsty?, drink water from anywhere. You can drink water in a public spaces in Switzerland. It’s clean and drinkable.

Recycle is a big deal! This country is so neat and clean. If you have products that can be reused, please use it for reducing the wastes to the country.

Nice weather. This is a place for everyone. No matter you are a textbook-lover or a travel-lover. This is heaven. It never be too cold or too hot. It sound like you walking in the 6-7 am sunlight.

Wanna try some expensive coffe, go to Zurich. One cup of coffee here is around 3.65 CHF. The taste is like the price. Delicious. Good coffee smell. Coffee lovers, you should try this.

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