Things to prepare for Switzerland

Hello again! Today we have a guideline for you about what to bring and things to prepare for Switzerland. Just a fluffy coat might not enough. So, Let’s see what else that you might need to pack into your luggage!

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1. Things to prepare for Switzerland – Clothes and utilities

  • 1.1 Boots

This is a must item! Obviously, you need to bring them with you. Like we know that Switzerland is super cold! And if you can wear a pair of comfy boots on the winter day, it would be good.

Boots - Things to prepare for Switzerland

  • 1.2 Plug Adapters

In European countries, they use different electronic forces a little bit different from other continents. So, bring it with you. This is a quite important item. For somebody who has many electronic gadgets with you, this is what you should bring. But, you can buy from the store or online store too. The voltage is at 230 V or 50 Hz.

Plug Adapters - Things to prepare for Switzerland

  • 1.3 Jackets or Coats

This is another must-have item! Obviously, you cannot forget this because if you didn’t bring it with you, your body will shake uncontrollably.

Winter Coat

  • 1.4 Sunscreen

Someone might be curious. Why do I need this item? Actually, this is one of the items that you need to bring with you. The UVs in Switzerland are also high, so prepare for your safety.

Sunscreen Lotion

  • 1.5 USB Cables

On the trains, they have the plug for you to plug the cable in! You should bring it with you everywhere you go.

USB Cables

  • 1.6 Sunglasses

Even most of the day in Switzerland will get cold, but the sun ray is super dangerous. It is one item that you need to keep with you. Please don’t forget.

Sunglasses - Things to prepare for Switzerland

  • 1.7 Water Bottles

You can drink water from anywhere in Switzerland. It is drinkable. For someone who wants to spend time with friends or host family by wandering around the city. You might need this! Just in case you’re thirsty during the walk!

Water bottle

2. Things you should remember

  • 2.1 No Smoking

In Switzerland, smoking in public spaces is prohibited.  For example, public gardens, public transportations, and restaurants.

  • 2.2 Emergency Numbers
  • 117 Police
  • 118 Fire extinguishing
  • 144 Ambulance
  • 1414 Rescue
  • 112 Europe hotline
  • 1811 Info
  • 140 Rickshaw
  • 162 Weather report
  • 163 Traffic report
  • 187 Weather forecast
  • 2.3 Holidays in each city

Many cities in Switzerland are not using the same calendar of holidays, so please check before you headed to other cities.

เตรียมตัวไปสวิตเซอร์แลนด์ - BHMS
เตรียมตัวไปสวิตเซอร์แลนด์ - IMI

That’s it for today. See you later! Bye.

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