Today, the city recommendation is Zurich – the biggest city in Switzerland. Zurich is such an amazing place! If you want to learn more about this city, grab your glasses, and let’s go!

Beautiful old city limmat river in zurich, switzerland. historic center in the city of zurich with views of the river and the bridge. Free Photo

Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and their official language is German. Zurich is the major media and business headquarters city. Besides, Zurich is the heart of the punctual train network and one of the most important airports in the country is also located in this city which many people who often visit Switzerland usually go to Zurich first as they close to Skii resort where people headed to Swiss Alps – the biggest ski place in Switzerland.

Rapperswil castle in rapperswil-jona at lake zurich in the canton of st. gallen, swizterland Premium PhotoAlthough Zurich can be expensive due to high wages, this city is considered the

FIFA Headquarters in Zurich. - Cinkciarz.pl

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cleanest and safest city so many people from in and outside of the country often established in here especially in the early 20-21 Centuries the increasing rate for people outside of Europe rose high which means when you live or study abroad in Zurich you may or may not hear only Swiss German but a variety language from different culture all around the city.

Apart from the beautiful location and places to visit, Zurich is home to the well-known biggest technology college “ETH Zurich” and FIFA and Ice Hockey Headquarters. Moreover, this city is home to the country’s large banking and trading as well.

Alright! Now let’s move on to Zurich places to visit and how to go there! Let’s get it!

Places to visit in Zurich

note: 🛫 Airport 🚄 Train 🚋 Tram  🛑 Stop sign 🔛 Continue 🚌 Bus

1. Grossmünster

Grossmunster or great minster during twilight in zurich switzerland Premium Photo


Monday- Sunday 10:00 – 18-00.

How to get there: 🛫 Zurich Airport ▶ 🚄 Zurich Flughafen Platform 3 ▶🛑 🚄 Zurich HB 31 ▶ 7 minutes walk ▶ 🚋 Zurich, Bahnhofquai/HB Tram no.4 ▶ ARRIVE!

Address:Grossmünster Grossmünsterplatz
8001 Zürich

Call:  +41 44 251 38 6

2. Fraumünster

Night view of zurich city with view of fraumunster church in switzerland. Premium Photo


November – February 10:00 – 17:00

March – October 10:00-18:00

How to get there: 🛫 Zürich Airport▶ 🚋Zürich Flughafen, Bahnhof Tram no. 10▶🛑🚋Zurich, Paradeplatz ▶ 2 minutes walk ▶ Arrive!

Address:  Fraumünster Stadthausquai 19
8001 Zürich

Call : +41 44 221 20 63

3. Uetliberg

Zurich s-bahn on uetliberg mountain Premium Photo

This mountain is a highlight in Zürich if you live there or stay by don’t forget to visit this place! It’s free!

How to get there: 🛫ZürichAirport▶🚄Zürich Flughafen Platform 1 ▶🛑🚄Zurich Wiedikon (SBB) Platform 1 ▶🚌 Zurich, Kalkbreite/Bhf.Wiedikon Bus no.32 ▶🛑🚌Zurich, Friesenbergstrasse Bus no. 73▶🚋 🔛Zurich, Friedhof Uetliberge▶ Arrive!

Address: 8143 Uetliberg

Call: +41 44 457 66 66

4. Bahnhofstrasse

A tram drives down the center of bahnhofstrasse while people walk on the sidewalks in zurich, switzerland. Premium Photo

Zürich’s old fashion shopping destination.

How to get there: 🛫ZürichAirport▶🚄Zürich Flughafen Platform 3▶🛑🚄Zürich HB Platform 9▶🚋 Zürich, Bahnhofquai Tram no. 12▶ Arrive!

Address: Bahnhofstrasse
8001 Zürich

5. Lake Zürich

Zurich city center with famous fraumunster and grossmunster churches and river limmat Premium Photo

If you visit Zürich, never got the chance to visit Lake Zurich?! YOU ARE NOT HERE! This is one of the most famous destinations in Zurich!

How to get there: 🛫Zürich Airport▶🚋Zürich Flughafen, Bahnhof Tram no.12 ▶🛑🚋Glattbrugg,Bahnhof▶🚄Glaffbrugg Platform 3 ▶🛑🚄🔛Zürich Stadelhofen (SBB) Platform 3 ▶🛑🚄Zürich, Burkiplatz 3 ▶Arrive!

Address: Zürichsee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft
Mythenquai 333
8038 Zürich

Call: +41 44 487 13 33

6. Sechseläutenplatz

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You can go sit there and enjoy Zürich’s old architecture located between Bullevue Opera House and The most important tram stop in the city.

How to get there: 🛫Zürich Airport▶🚄ZürichFlughafen Platform 1▶🛑🚄🔛Zürich HB Platform43/44Zürich Stadelhofen (SBB) Platform 3▶ Arrive!

Address: Sechseläutenplatz
8001 Zürich

7. Lindenhof

Lindenhof – Vom römischen Kastell zum grünen Aussichtspunkt über Zürich | zuerich.com

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One of the most famous locations in Zurich and this place used to be k drama filming location which attracted many k drama fans in this historical place in Switzerland.

How to get there:🛫 Zürich Airport▶🚋Zürich Flughafen,Bahnhof Tram no.10▶🚋🛑 Zürich, Rennweg▶ Arrive!

Address: Lindenhof
8001 Zürich

8. Paradeplatz

Paradeplatz – Das Herzstück der Bahnhofstrasse | zuerich.com

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This place used to be the word-financial center in 18 Century.

How to get there:🛫 Zürich Airport ▶ 🚄ZürichFlugafen Platform 3 ▶🛑🚄🔛Zürich HB Platform 31▶🚋Zürich, Bahnhofstrasse/HB Tram 11 ▶🛑🚋Zürich, Paradeplatz▶Arrive

Address: Paradeplatz
8001 Zürich

9. Zürich-West

Zurich West - Guiding Architects

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Zürich’s old industrial district and Today, this place became the heart of creativity, art, food, and shopping center filled with modern and historical.

How to get there: 🛫Zürich Airport▶🚄 Zurich Flughafen Platform 4 ▶🛑🚄 Zürich Altstetten (SBB) Platform 7 ▶🚋Zürich, Bahnhof Altstetten Tram no.89 ▶Arrive!

Address: 8005 Zürich

10. Polyterrasse

Polyterrasse - Things To Do in Zurich - LikeALocal Guide

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This place located near ETH where many students were seen chilling during class or after class and if you go to the tower, you can see the whole view of Zürich city.

How to get there:🛫 Zürich Airport ▶🚋Zürich Flughafen, Bahnhof Tram ▶Arrive!

Address: Polyterrasse
8001 Zürich

Most places that we recommended are free! So if you decided to visit Zürich, please consider our choices for cool and hipster places to visit! 🤩

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